Energy Encounters

We’re in 2030. You stand in front of the open window in your office, looking down on the city. Clear skies, no smog. The smell of fresh air tells you that spring is comingas electriccars, busses and hydrogen trucks drive quietly through the streets.  And you realize: the energy transition has changed our lives. We barely noticed it while it was happening.But now you know that it is about so much more than an imperative to fight climate…

Belgian Offshore Days

At the end of November, I visited the offshore wind farm Seamade in the Belgian North Sea. I watched the construction of the last wind turbines in the first offshore zone. Two things struck me. First: the passion and expertise of our Belgian builders. Second:  the fact that in only ten years’ time, these wind turbines are 3 times more powerful than the first ones constructed. It all started with an ambition set by policy makers. Today, Belgium is number four worldwide in…

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